Town Meeting – August 2022

The Regular meeting of the Sidney Town Board was called to order by the Supervisor at 7:00 p.m. on August 11, 2022, in the boardroom at 44 Grand Street, Sidney.  Prior to the meeting, bills were audited by the Board. 

Present were:

Eric WilsonSupervisor
James Roberts, Jr.Highway Superintendent
Bill HeathCouncilman
Bill Hunt, JrCouncilman
Frank SelleckCouncilman
Paul MuratoreCouncilman
Joseph A. ErmetiAttorney
Sheila R PaulClerk



APPROVE TOWN BOARD MINUTES: of Regular Meeting held on July 14, 2022, Motion to accepted minutes, by Mr. Selleck seconded by Mr. Heath and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, B. Hunt, P. Muratore. NAYES: None


 General A Fund Voucher: 22-281 thru 22-301 in the amount of $ 30,190.22  Motion by Mr. Muratore, seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, F. Selleck, B. Heath. NAYES: None

General B Fund Voucher:  22-7 in the amount of $ 45.58. Motion by Mr. Hunt and seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: B. Heath, F. Selleck, P. Muratore. NAYES: None

East Sidney Lake Voucher:   22-43 thru 22-52 in the amount of $ 5,204.46 Motion by Mr. Selleck seconded by Mr. Heath and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, B. Hunt, P. Muratore. NAYES: None

SL Sidney Center Street Light: 22-8 in the amount of $ 249.90. Motion by Mr. Heath seconded by Mr. Muratore and carried. AYES: B. Hunt, F. Selleck,  P. Muratore. NAYES: None

Total General Vouchers: $35,690.16

Highway DA Fund Vouchers:  22-109 thru 22-126 in the amount of $ 9,032.76 Motion by Mr. Hunt seconded by Mr. Muratore and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, B. Heath, F. Selleck. NAYES: None

Highway DB Fund Vouchers:  22-36 thru 22-43 in the amount of $ 100,003.56 Motion by Mr. Selleck and seconded by Mr. Heath and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, B. Hunt, P. Muratore NAYES: None

Total Highway Vouchers: $ 165.029.97

CM Hospital Fund Vouchers: 22-119  thru 22-132 in the amount of $ 20,303.49 Motion by Mr. Muratore seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, B. Heath, F. Selleck. NAYES: None.

Total Vouchers paid:  $ 165,029.97

CORRESPONDENCE:  Received 2 “FOIL” requests regarding possible subdivision on Hamlet View Road.  A resident in attendance asked if the board had a say in the subdivision to which Mr. Wilson responded those decisions are made by the planning board.


 Monthly reports of Supervisor, Bookkeeper, and Town Clerk.  The clerk is submitting checks totaling $ 1,749.00 in fees collected during July 2022.


 HIGHWAY– Highway Superintendent- James Roberts: New employee is doing very well and is fitting in nicely with everyone.  Need to replace a part on the mowing machine which cost $16,974.00.

SUPERVISOR– Eric Wilson- Financial report is in good shape. Interested in a second tea bill for 3 months. Scheduled a budget workshop for Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at 7:00, the workshop will be held at the Town Building.

BOOKKEEPER– Karen Kropp: Nothing to report

TOWN CLERK– Sheila Paul- All is good.

The clerk will be out of the office from September 21 to September 26, 2022. Deputy Clerk Julie Stevens will be covering, plus the Clerk will be remote.


Highway-Selleck & Wilson: The highway crew paved Crane Hill road, a collaborative effort with Masonville, Unadilla, Tompkins, and Franklin highway departments lending a hand to get the job done in a timely manner. The 2.2-mile road was designated by Mr. Roberts; Highway Superintendent for using Consolidate Local and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS) money because of the amount of use it gets and its condition. The road was closed for 2 days for paving. Hoping to pave River Road, and other roads, next year and will be doing crack-sealing before the season ends this year.

Hospital– Hunt/ Wilson: Progress is being made on getting the new fuel tank installed. A motion was made by Mr. Hunt to declare the excess off-road fuel as surplus, so if the town owes the fuel, they can sell it. A motion was seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: F. Selleck, B. Heath, P. Muratore. NAYES: none Mr. Wilson was going to check with Basset regarding the fuel as Basset leases the hospital from the Town of Sidney.

InsuranceHeath / Hunt: Mr. Hunt is trying to get insurance quotes and loss runs so he can do a risk assessment and management. Mr. Hunt also asked for an updated equipment list for the Town Highway Superintended. Mr. Roberts Highway Superintended reapplied that he with present at the Budget meeting.

Zoning & Planning Muratore/ Selleck: Working on a few minor subdivisions located on Wheat Hill Rd. The next planning board meeting is scheduled for August 22, 2022.

East Sidney Lake– Heath/ Selleck:  Season is almost over and it was a great year, revenue was up 8%.  The entrance will be paved, and a few dead tresses will be taken down before winter. The new boating signs look great and the WIFI is working great as well. J. Nolan the park’s manager is looking for an ice vendor for the convenience of the campers.

Finance-Muratore-Wilson: Scheduled budget workshop.

 IT– Hunt/ Muratore- East Sidney Lake Wifi is up and running. Looking to redesign the Town Webpage and clean up having one domain.

DCO liaison– Heath: All is good.



Town Attorney Joseph Ermeti discovered there is a provision for Courts and other town offices to have a petty cash fund. Mr. Ermeti spoke with Judge McCann and Judge McCann only wants 100.00 for petty cash to make the change.


§ 64 Form 26. Resolution authorizing town petty cash funds:

WHEREAS, various Town Departments maintain petty cash


WHEREAS, the bookkeeper has recommended that the petty cash

Funds are approved pursuant to Town Law § 64 (1-a) for the purpose of

low dollar miscellaneous purchases of supplies, reimbursement of out

of pocket employee expenses, and making change, all subject to Audit:



 BE IT RESOLVED,  that the Town Board of the Town of Sidney

 authorized the department Petty Cash Funds as follows:

Sidney Town Court                $ 100.00


Mr. Ermeti asks for a motion to approve Resolution 1-2022, Petty Cash Fund Resolution. The motion was made by Mr. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: F. Selleck, B. Heath, P. Muratore. NAYES: none



At 8:37 p.m. Mr. Wilson moved to adjourn the meeting, motion was made by Mr. Muratore and seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, B. Heath. NAYES: None

The next Regular Board Meeting will be on August 11, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila R Paul, Town Clerk