Town Meeting – December 2021

Regular 2021 Sidney Town Board was called to order by the Acting Deputy Supervisor at 7:05 P.M. November 4, 2021, in the boardroom at 44 Grand Street, Sidney also streaming on Zoom.  Prior to the meeting, bills were audited by the Board.

Present were:             

Eric WilsonActing Deputy Supervisor
James Roberts, JrHighway Superintendent
Frank SelleckCouncilman
C. Peter CordesCouncilman
William Hunt, JrCouncilman
Joseph A, ErmetiAttorney
Sheila R PaulClerk




PRESENTATION:  Eric Wilson presented  C. Peter Cordes with a plaque for his 23 years of service as the town council.  Pete decided not to run for reelection this year, he had decided to retire.

COMMENTS FROM THE FLOOR: Travis Andrew request to speak regarding the Cannabis law. Which the board is voting on later in the evening.

APPROVE TOWN BOARD MINUTES: of Regular Meeting held on November 2, 2021. Motion by Mr. Selleck, seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: E. Wilson and P. Cordes. NAYES: None


A Fund Vouchers: 21-305 thru 21-364 in the amount of $ 57,609.30 Motion by

Mr. Cordes, seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, F. Selleck.


B Fund Vouchers: 21-15 thru 21-17 in the amount of $ 4,165.00. Motion by Mr. Selleck, seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: B. Hunt, P. Cordes. NAYES: None

SL: Sidney Center Street Lights: 21-11 thru 12-12 in the amount of 500.52. Motion by Mr. Cordes, seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: W. Hunt, F. Selleck. NAYES: None

East Sidney Lake Voucher:  21-87 thru 21-88 in the amount of $ 1,453.74 Motion by Mr. Selleck, seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: E. Wilson,   P. Cordes NAYES: None

Total General Vouchers: $ 63,722.56

DA Fund Vouchers: 21-133 thru 21-154 in the amount of $ 46,266.54  Motion by Mr. Selleck, seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, P. Cordes NAYES: None

DB Fund Vouchers: 21-73 thru 21-82 in the amount of $ 47,126.26 Motion by Mr. Cordes, seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, F. Selleck NAYES: None

Total Highway Vouchers: $ 93,392.80

Hospital Vouchers: 21-179 thru 21-192 in the amount of $ 17,963.28 Motion by Mr. Selleck, seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: P. Cordes, W. Hunt        NAYES: None

Total Vouchers: $ 175,078.64

CORRESPONDENCE:  Bill VanGorder from NYMIR insurance went over the renewal policy for the upcoming year 2022.


Monthly reports of Supervisor, Bookkeeper, and Town Clerk. The clerk is submitting checks totaling $ 2,529.00 for fees collected during November 2021.


HIGHWAY– James Roberts: Received a letter for Dale and Tina Utter giving an update on what they did in the Sidney’s Pioneer Cemetery. Roberts asked for a motion to place a legal notice for seasonal roads from November 15, 2021, to April 15, 2022. Motion was made by Mr. Selleck and seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, P. Cordes. NAYES: None

The roads are the following seasonal roads:  The backside of Lawton Hill Rd to the Franklin Town line, DeMond Rd, Arabian Way, and a section of Gallop Hill Rd to the Masonville Town line.

The town crew has plowed twice and sanded due to some snow. Question about streetlights on Rt 8 that town is responsible for at this time the lights don’t work so should they replace with LED solar or have them removed altogether. The Board was leaning towards removing. Mr. Roberts would be getting together with NYSE&G and discussing this possibility.

SUPERVISOR– Eric Wilson: Attended his first County Supervisor meeting in Delhi to meet Supervisors in Delaware County.

BOOKKEEPER-Karen Kopp: Nothing

TOWN CLERK–Sheila Paul: Asked the board for a motion to receive a check scanner to use especially during tax season for deposit in the NBT accounts. Motion made by Mr. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: P. Cordes, F. Selleck. NAYES: None

Went for training on December 6th in Syracuse on Vital Statistical which included, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, and Marriage licenses. Was very informational. Also did a webinar on December 9th on taxes also very helpful. The Town Building will be closed on December 23rd at Noon and will reopen on December 27th for the Christmas Holiday. It will close on December 30th at noon and will reopen on January 3, 2022. Happy New Year!!  January 3rd is the first day to start collecting taxes for 2022.


Highway-Selleck & Cordes: Town installed a 30-mph speed sign on Wheat Hill Rd. The town received a used trailer. Union contract passed.

Hospital- Wilson: Still working on information for the AC, Heating, and transformer.  

Insurance-Cordes: Nothing

Zoning & Planning– Selleck: Working on the Special Use Permit for events.

East Sidney Lake: Wilson: Had a lot of work done, with electric, trees removed and have a new entrance building put in place. Will review seasonal rates for next year.

 Finance-Wilson: Approved the 2022 budget with no increase from the Town.

IT- Wilson: Nothing

DCO liaison– Had a few calls, all is good.

Transition-Selleck: DMV’s new office is coming along very nicely. Moved the Veterans office across from the Clerk’s office.  Need to investigate new signage for the building.

OLD BUSINESS: Voting on the Cannabis Law: which was discussed earlier when Travis Andrew made a presentation. Board to Vote on Local Law 2 Opting out: Motion made by Mr. Hunt to opt-out of and was seconded by Mr. Wilson.

 Mr. Selleck and Mr. Cordes voted to opt-in. Local Law 2 didn’t have the majority votes to pass. The town of Sidney has opted in for the sale of Cannabis.

NEW BUSINESS:  2022 Hospital project. Which was discussed under the Hospital committee report

The next Board Meeting will be held on January 6, 2022. It will be the Organization meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sheila R Paul