Town Meeting – September 2021

Regular 2021 Sidney Town Board was called to order by the Acting Deputy  Supervisor at 7:02 P.M.  September 9, 2021, in the boardroom at 44 Grand Street, Sidney, and on Zoom.  Prior to the meeting, bills were audited by the Board.

Present were:

                        Eric Wilson                             Acting Deputy Supervisor

                        James Roberts, Jr.                   Highway Superintendent

                        C. Peter Cordes                       Councilman

                        Frank Selleck                          Councilman

                       William Hunt, Jr                      Councilman

                       Joseph A. Ermeti                     Attorney

                       Sheila R Paul                          Clerk



APPROVE TOWN BOARD MINUTES: of Regular Meeting held on August 12, 2021. Motion by Mr. Selleck seconded by Mr. Cordes and carried. AYES: E. Wilson. NAYES: None


A Fund Vouchers: 21-210 thru 21-230 in the amount of $ 22,197.98 Motion by

Mr. Selleck seconded by Mr. Cordes and carried. AYES: E. Wilson. NAYES: None

B Fund Vouchers: 21-11 thru 21-12 in the amount of $ 700.00. Motion by Mr. Cordes, seconded by Wilson and carried. AYES: F. Selleck. NAYES: None

East Sidney Lake Voucher:  21-66 thru 21-74 in the amount of $ 3,136.93 Motion by Mr. Cordes, seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: F. Selleck. NAYES: None

 Sidney Center Lights: 21-9 in the amount of $ 234.59 Motion by Mr. Cordes seconded by Mr. Selleck and carried. AYES: E. Wilson NAYES: None

Total General Vouchers: $ 26,269.50

DA Fund Vouchers: 21-103 thru 21-110 in the amount of $ 5,044.28 Motion by Mr. Selleck, seconded by Mr. Cordes and carried. AYES E. Wilson. NAYES: None

DB Fund Vouchers: 21-54 thru 21-57 in the amount of $ 16,149.92 Motion by Mr. Selleck, seconded by Mr. Cordes and carried. AYES: E. Wilson. NAYES: None

Total Highway Vouchers: $ 21,194.20

Hospital Vouchers: 21-139 thru 21-151 in the amount of $ 31,959.36 Motion by Mr. Selleck, seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: P. Cordes. NAYES: None

Total Vouchers: $ 79,423.06

CORRESPONDENCE:  Received information from the State of New York Department of State, of the population change from April 2010 to April 2020 that the population in the Town of Sidney. On April 1, 2010, the total population was 5,774 and as of April 1, 2020, the total population is 5,536.


Monthly reports of Supervisor, Bookkeeper, and Town Clerk. The clerk is submitting checks totaling $ 3,997.00 for fees collected during August 2021.


HIGHWAY– Jamie Roberts: Hand out the inventory list of all equipment. Received a letter from Dale and Tina Utter about the Pioneer Cemetery in Sidney, and asked Jamie permission to work in the cemetery and Jamie gave them permission as they are doing the work on a volunteer basis, they only have asked for a load of dirt. There are 220 stones and found 35 were either leaning or laying on the ground, 36 need various stages of repair and 5 stones are beyond repair and nearly all of them need to be cleaned.  Mr. Hunt made a motion to send an appreciation letter to the Utter for their volunteer services on the Pioneer Cemetery, the motion was seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: P. Cordes, F. Selleck. NAYES: None Mr. Hunt will create the letter on the behave of the Sidney Board. 

On 8/27/21 had 2 inches of rain and had 2 driveways on Wood Road, had replaced one completely and repaired the other one.

SUPERVISOR– Eric Wilson: Discussion with Frank Selleck approving the move of the Sidney DMV office in the Town Hall Building if approved by the New State office.  Mr. Wilson made a motion for the approval of the DMV office, and it was seconded by Mr. Selleck and carried. AYES: P. Cordes, W. Hunt. NAYES: None

BOOKKEEPER-Karen Kopp: Nothing

TOWN CLERK–Sheila Paul: Thanked everyone for their patients and understanding due to having to close the office due to a positive COVID test. Worked remotely from home and was able to close out August books. The office is back up and running. Office hours are Monday-Thursday from 9-4 and Friday’s 9-Noon.


Highway-Selleck & Cordes:  Ongoing negotiations with the union contract.

Hospital- Wilson: Had a meeting with Sage Engineering Associate, LLC regarding the AC and transforms. The company is writing up a proposal and then will be out for bids.  

Insurance-Cordes: Nothing

Zoning & Planning– Selleck: Regarding the project of the land located on Rte. 4 that was Annexed from the Town to the Village. It was suggested by Mr. Wilbur the town Deputy Town Code officer that the Planning board not sign off on the proposal until the last house has sewage and water from the Village. Mr. Selleck went to the job site and spoke with the workers regarding this and was told that the last house ( Patterson’s)  would have septic by the end of October 2021 and the water is the Village’s responsibility. Waiting for a written notice that it has been done. Per Howard Finch, a planning board member spoke about how the planning board didn’t sign off on that subdivision.

East Sidney Lake: Cordes & Wilson: Report for John Nolan: Sidney Lake will close on 9/19/2021. Beach was closed this year but working with the Department of Health for next year. Had a student from SUNY Oneonta checking boating for species that you can bring from lakes to lakes.

 Finance-Wilson: Would like to have two signers on the Sidney Town bank accounts -excluding the Town Clerk’s accounts. Mr. Wilson made a motion for Frank Selleck to be the second signer on the Sidney Town Bank accounts and it was seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: P. Cordes, F. Selleck. NAYES: None.

Budget worksheets for the budget for 2022 will be out in September.

IT- Wilson: application for building permits is located on the website. Still need a special permit application.

DCO liaison– Wilson: Many calls from the Village and refer them to the Village dog code office, Josh Palmer. Rabies clinics are available. Few calls abut some runners Picked up a wandering dog and transported to DVHS and it was claimed the next day.

Transition-Selleck: Mr. Selleck made a motion to dedicate the board room in memory of Gene Pigford with a plate and it was seconded by Mr. Hunt and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, P. Cordes. NAYES: None



COMMENTS FROM THE FLOOR: Mr. Cordes questioned how the negotiation went with Bassett for the cost of the generator in the amount of 15,980.50. The Town is to cover the cost as the generator ran the powder for the entitled building.

Jamie Roberts:  Sidney Center is having their Tractor Parade on September 18th and that County Hwy 23 will be closed for a short time for the parade and Depot Street be closed for the chicken BBQ

Mr. Cordes suggested to Mr. Wilson about having a public hearing on Cannabis. The decision to be made by December 31, 2021. Discuss at October meeting. 

Bea Bishop: Interested in the Cannabis.  Great that DMV and making other improvements to the building about the acoustics in the building as it’s hard to hear everyone talking. Suggest that we make it more comfortable seating for seniors along with wheelchair/ walker. Also spoke about Delhi phone company is installing lines in the town of Sidney. There are places in the area that Delhi phone company are installing lines and other areas are not currently.

At 7:49  p.m. Mr. Wilson moved to adjourn the meeting, motion was made by Mr. Selleck and seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: P. Cordes,           W. Hunt NAYES: None

The next Meeting is scheduled for October 14th  at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sheila R Paul