February 13, 2020 

 Regular 2020  Sidney Town Board was called to order by the Supervisor at 7:00 p.m. February 13, 2020 in the boardroom at 44 Grand Street, Sidney.   Prior to the meeting, bills were audited by the Board.

Present were:

Eugene Pigford Supervisor

 James Roberts, Jr   Highway Superintendent

Peter Cordes Councilman

 Jeanette Hinkley  Councilwoman

  Frank Selleck      Councilman

  Eric Wilson         Councilman

  Joseph A. Ermeti  Attorney

   Sheila Paul          Clerk




 Ronald Reagan Feb 6, 1911

William Henry Harrison. Feb 9, 1773

Abraham Lincoln Feb 12, 1809

George Washington Feb 22, 1732

“It has been written that the most sublime figure in American history was George Washington on his knees in the snow at Valley Forge. He personified a people who knew that it was not enough to depend on their own courage and goodness, that they must seek help from God their Father and Preserver.” Ronald Reagan, February 9, 1982, National Religious Broadcasters Convention.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I would be the most foolish person on this footstool earth if I believed for one moment that I could perform the duties assigned to me without the help of One who is wiser than all.” quoted by Ronald Reagan, February 5, 1981, National Prayer Breakfast

“And to that good Being who has blessed us by the gifts of civil and religious freedom, who watched over and prospered the labors of our fathers, and has hitherto preserved to us institutions far exceeding in excellence those of any other people, let us unite in fervently commending every interest of our beloved country in all future time,” William Henry Harrison, March 4, 1841 Inaugural address.

 APPROVE TOWN BOARD MINUTES of Regular Meeting held on January 2 ,2020 Motion by Mrs. Hinkley seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: P. Cordes, F. Selleck, G. Pigford NAYES: None


 A Fund Vouchers: 20-20 thru 20-70 in the amount of $85,333.66 Motion by Mrs. Hinkley, seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: G. Pigford, F. Selleck, P. Cordes. NAYES: None

B Fund Voucher: 20-1 thru 20-1 $ 44.95. Motion by Mr. Wilson seconded by Mrs. Hinkley and carried. AYES: G. Pigford, F. Selleck, P. Cordes. NAYES: None

East Sidney Lake Voucher:  20-2 thru 20-5 $ 3546.96 Motion by Mr. Cordes, seconded by Mrs. Hinkley and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, F. Selleck, G. Pigford. NAYES: None

 Total General Vouchers: $ 88,925.57

Sidney Center Street Lighting Vouchers: 20-1 thru 20-2 $ 940.18 Motion by Mr. Cordes and seconded by Mrs. Hinkley and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, G. Pigford, F. Selleck. NAYES: None

DA Fund Vouchers: 20-18 thru 20-41 $44,138.18 Motion by Mr. Cordes and seconded by Mr. Pigford and carried. AYES: J. Hinkley, F. Selleck, E. Wilson. NAYES: None

DB Fund Vouchers: 20-2 thru 20-5 $784.31 Motion by Mrs. Hinkley and seconded by Mr. Cordes and carried. AYES: G. Pigford, E. Wilson, F. Selleck. NAYES: None

 Total Highway Vouchers: $ 44922.49

 Hospital Vouchers: 20-13 thru 20-35 $ 32,004.81 Motion by Mrs. Hinkley seconded by Mr. Pigford and carried. AYES: Cordes, E. Wilson, F. Selleck. NAYES: None.

Total Vouchers are $ 166,793.05

Cordes made a comment on the Sidney Center Lighting bill doubled as we are paying for the new bulbs. The cost should be lower next month.

The Board approved payment of the following two invoices related to renovations at the Hospital

Motion was made by Mr. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Cordes and carried. AYES: J. Hinkley, G. Pigford, F. Selleck NAYES: None

Rug Fair Invoice 5003647 for $3,157.50

Rug Fair Invoice 5003646 for $1,444.00

Total $4,601.50

The bookkeeper recommends that we charge the entire expense of $240,067 for the new truck to DA5130.2 Machinery, Equipment. Further, that we utilize the $160,000 reserve and DA962 Budget Provisions for Other Uses of $25,000.

This leaves $55,067 to be used from Fund Balance to cover the balance. DA fund has $436,000 in fund balance available for 2019, leaving a substantial amount for future years after using some for the truck.

Overall, we will not be utilizing the full $55,067 of fund balance for 2019 because we were under budget in other expense lines. The best approximation is that we will utilize $50,000 of fund balance for 2019, considering the new truck.

The following would be the 2019 Budget Adjustments/Transfers that would need to be approved for this transaction.

Budget Amendment:

Increase DA5130.2 Machinery Equipment to $240,067

Increase DA599 Appropriated Fund Balance to $215,067

Jamie remarks: Originally, we split DA to DB. One of the accounts were placed in a CD fund, this is the reason she is doing all this, so we don’t have taken it out of CD. Only 6 months. All monies will show on the final report for 2019 year.

Motion to accept this recommendation. Motion make by Mr. Selleck and seconded by Mr. Cordes and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, J. Hinkley, G. Pigford. NAYES: None



 Monthly reports of Supervisor, Bookkeeper and Town Clerk.  Clerk is submitting checks totaling 692.00 in fees collected during January 2020


 HIGHWAY- Highway Superintendent James Roberts

We get monies from DOT called Chips monies, for our major road projects. We spend money and get reimbursed with Chips monies from DOT. Sent in the information for our Chips monies and were to get 3 checks in the amount of 104,251. The checks were sent to 21 Liberty Street (old address) and the checks were returned to sender. The situation has been resolved and that we will be getting the money and in the future monies will be direct deposit into the assigned accounts.

Mild winter with snow but still has used the 455 tons of Salt and 2000 tons of sand. In January had 44 hours of overtime for each man.

Working on maintenance of trucks and starting to bring over summer equipment and servicing equipment for Spring road work. P. Cordes brought up a question regarding truck that was in accident with hydraulic issues, repaired and paid by insurance.

  SUPERVISOR– Eugene Pigford

The date for the ribbon cutting for the Solar farm at Amphenol will be April 30th. Additional information will be circulated as it becomes available. Hoping to have West side completed in a few days. The East side was completed in December 2019.

Karen Kropp bookkeeper will out of office from 2/19/2020 to 2/25/2020.

BOOKKEEPER- Karen Kropp: Nothing

TOWN CLERK– Sheila Paul: January 2020 taxes collections are complete, and checks were issued to the Town Supervisor and to the Delaware Cty Treasurer office. January tax checking account balances.

RESOLUTION: to replace 100.00 to Clerk’s petty cash as the result of a counterfeit $100 dollar. Motion was made by Mr. Wilson and seconded by Mrs. Hinkley and carried. AYES: G. Pigford, P. Cordes, Selleck. NAYES: None


​Highway-Selleck & Cordes​:

Hospital– Pigford & Hinkley​: Waiting on response from Joshua House if they are moving forward. (Gene) Nate reported that one portion of renovations are complete.

Insurance-Cordes & Hinkley​: Getting new truck under coverage.

Zoning & Planning– Pigford & Selleck​: Copies are in the hands of the Lawyer and County. When we hear back from county and lawyers, we can schedule a round table discussion with the planning board, ZBA and counsel.  ZBA doesn’t have copies currently. Gene trying to get in touch Shelly Johnson to anticipate a response from county planning, soon as we get response back from county planning should be able to schedule rest of process.

East Sidney Lake– Cordes & Wilson: Nothing to report

Finance-Pigford & Hinkley​: End of year reimbursements from the State to finish 2019 budget and once we receive them, we can finalize 2019. Give a full report. The only account that’s been extended is the account for 44 Grand Street. This is the first year of operation expenses. Need to break down the operation expenses as there are some renovation expenses. Will have a better idea next month what the finial operation expenses will be.

  IT-Wilson & Pigford:  Website is update and can post information.

DCO liaison-J. Hinkley: Letter from the Animal health inspector and we received a satisfaction rating. Not much going on, beside dogs running loose in Sidney Center.

Gene: Sheriff Craig S. DuMond will be holding a press conference at 11am on Friday, 2/14/20, at the Delaware Valley Humane Society in Sidney, NY to announce the arrest and charges of a Franklin, NY man in relation to the seizure of (20) dogs that were being inappropriately held and neglected for the purpose of dog fighting.  A formal press release will follow the press conference accordingly.

​Transition-Selleck & Wilson: Been in touch with Senator Seward office and grant is moving forward. Ordered shelving, carpets cleaned.

Comments from Floor:

Resident questions that Chip monies could be cut back. Will that effective Sidney?


Release of maintenance jurisdiction Pine Hill and Co. Rt 23

RESOLUTION: 1-2020: BE IT RESOLVED: That the Town Board of the Town of Sidney NY request that the Town is releasing maintenance jurisdiction over the surplus property to the NYS DOT as referenced on Map 1927 parcel 1944.

Motion was made by Mr. Pigford and seconded by Mrs. Hinkley and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, P. Cordes, F. Selleck. NAYES: None

From Karen Cycon, Sidney Historical Society

Made a recommendation to hold an open house and birthday celebration (75th birthday) in July during Alumni Weekend

“ The Association is  process of applying for grant money from a couple of different sources which would cover all of the expenses of this (refreshments, publicity ) so your part would only be to attend  and, of course, to allow us to use the building. We think it would be a good thing to celebrate what we consider a really good partnership with the Town and show off the building in the process to all visiting alumni and local residents who haven’t had the opportunity to see it yet. “

Gene: would like to propose to have an Open House having all offices at the Town Hall be open during the Alumni Weekend in July and possibly the Hospital as well.  Need to speak with Peter at the Hospital and tenants as well.


Materials from the Village referring on their proposal on a Disaster Recovery program

Village is proposing an amendment to their Circle Dr. Project. Intent to purchase 4 properties. Discussion and ensure regarding the particulars of this matter.

RESOLUTION: 2-2020: BE ITRESSOLVED. That the Town Board of the Town of Sidney NY completed Appendix F audit for the Sidney Town Justice Court.

Motion was made by Mrs. Hinkley and seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: P. Cordes, G. Pigford, Selleck. NAYES: none


  A motion to go into Executive Session regrading an Employee matter was made by Mr. Wilson and seconded by Mr. Cordes and carried. AYES: E. Wilson, J. Hinkley, F. Selleck. NAYES: None

                                                 EXECUTIVE SESSION

A motion to come out of Executive Session was made by Mrs. Hinkley and seconded by Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: G. Pigford, P. Cordes, F. Selleck. NAYES: None

Meeting was adjourned at 8:39 pm with the Motion made by Mrs. Hinkley and seconded my Mr. Wilson and carried. AYES: G. Pigford, P. Cordes, F. Selleck. NAYES: None

The next regular meeting of the Town Board will be March 12, 2020 at 7:00pm

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila R Paul, Town Clerk